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Can’t decide the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Match your mum-personality with the right Gem that suits her best. Whether she’s a keeper of the peace, the giver who keeps on giving, the perfectionist, the best friend, or the protector — we have a perfect Mother’s Day gem for every mum.

At Gemstory, you can customise a set of bracelet made out of our gems as a meaningful gift and the thought behind it.

45% off 2nd  bracelet include a special gift for MUM

Create an unique bracelet story for your love ones through an INTUITIVE approach.

What does color have to do with your choice of crystals selection?

The different light frequencies within the crystals (through their colors) would determine the different energies representation. Certain colors could help raise the energetic vibrations because they have a higher light wave frequency. Other colors can help to provide more grounding to our body. To fully understand this concept, you need to understand that we are an energy ecosystem, and we are represented by different vibrations. This result in the movement of electrons and protons within the atoms that make up the body. Everything is energy.

Connect & Resonate with the energy from mother nature.

Identify how you feel intuitively before looking into what the stones healing properties you are looking at. This will help connect to what’s the energy within before you decide what is affecting you externally. Let your INTUITION decides what’s best for you. Whether a crystal catches your eye, or there is a physical pull towards you, the subconscious mind will help guide you to the right crystal which could be right for you. Once you selected them., you would be able to tap on to their energy and leverage on them.

The human body is made up of various energy fields, and these auric fields can interact with the physical body and affect our various body functionality. If the lower vibration are present in the body, it could cause the person to feel burdened and emotional. We need to rebalance these energy and purged these energy toxins out of our body. Vibrational remedies are subtle energy stimuli which interact with the energy system of the body to help stabilize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.

Session Details

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Understand the various stone healing properties of the beads.

Find out more about the unique colorstrology behind each stone bead selection.

Select the stone beads intuitively to create your own bracelet story that suits your needs and requirements.

Design and create a bracelet that suits your love ones or for your own personal needs.

Our Story

Gemstory World Pte Ltd was incorporated as a sole proprietor in 2013 with the intention to deliver positivity through the power of crystals. Besides evangelising on crystals by sharing the stories behind each and every piece of unique crystals to their prospective owners, he also provides consultation services and workshops to educate and remove the traditional impression of the industry to meet the needs of the younger generations.

Glenn is a first generation owner as he started venturing into crystal as a passion and launched his first retail experience as a push cart in Bugis Junction in 2014. Through the years, Gemstory World expanded their outreach and started its first boutique shop at Mohamed Sultan Road in 2015 and now moved to a bigger shop presence at Bras Basah Complex in 2020. Prior to venturing out to set up Gemstory World, Glenn was an employee in the tech industry in channel and global account management. He decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his business venture. As his business expands, he wants to automate and restructure some of the workflows in his business so he can focus on educating the masses such outreach programs such as workshops or lectures after the pandemic.

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45% off 2nd  bracelet include a special gift for MUM

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